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Good Dog Films

Good Dog Films is a multi, award-winning Irish Film Production Company specialising in films, television, documentaries, music videos, viral videos, shorts and international co-productions.

Good Dog Films was established in 2003 by Peter J. McCarthy to direct and produce the multi, award-winning feature film documentary, Fight or Flight.

Due to the success of Fight or Flight, Good Dog Films expanded its scope and has been involved in directing, producing and the co-production of a variety of successful projects, a number of which have received awards.

Over the years the Good Dog Films team has increased and now includes experienced producers and directors, who are members of Screen Producers Ireland and Screen Directors Guild of Ireland. We operate co-productions in both domestic and foreign markets.

Good Dog Films specialises in feature films, television, documentaries, music videos, virals, shorts and international co-productions. You can see our previous and upcoming projects on our Good Dog Films projects page.

Our productions have been funded by the Irish Film Board, The Arts Council, Culture Ireland and through independent finance.



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Good Dog Films Ltd
Email: info@gooddogfilms.com

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